Megan Lipsett
Integrative Health and Wellness Educator, MA
Yoga Instructor, RYT, P-RYT
Workshops, Consults, & Wellness Program Design

With a goal of promoting lasting health and well-being within the community, Ritual offers a variety of custom workshops and presentations.  Consultations are offered for organizations hoping to instill wellness amongst community members or for support in the creation of wellness program design. 

Classes, Trainings, Body Therapy, & Lifestyle Design

The physical practices of yoga asana (poses) and pranayama (breathwork) are a celebration of the dynamic movement of prana within the body.  The ancient practices of India's medical system, Ayurveda, help to align one's life with nature. Ayurveda, a term meaning "the science of life" incorporates a universal vision of wellness and a deeply balanced system of lifestyle design.
Traditional & Modern Wisdom

Integrative wellness coaching uses traditional and modern knowledge and skills to support individuals and groups in achieving enduring health and wellness. The coaching process is designed to empower clients to adopt and sustain lifestyle behaviors that promote all aspects of their well-being -- physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and environmental.